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"I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart,
and kind, and honest."

Elisa. Italian. 19. Aspiring Jedi.

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NCIS, Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Orphan Black, True Detective, Fargo, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Fringe, Alias, Numb3rs, House, Chuck, Elementary, Alcatraz.

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Tony & Ziva, Michael & Sydney, Hook & Emma, Tris & Tobias, Robin & Regina, Charming & Snow, Barney & Robin, Castle & Beckett, Charlie & Amita, Peter & Olivia, Morgan & Alex, Sherlock & Joan, Harold & Grace, Peeta & Katniss.

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all this angst is going to kill me fml

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We have an episode coming up [where] there’s a little ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment. That’s coming up. It’s very short lived, but it’s super cute. 




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Everyone I’ve been with is dead.
            Neal, Graham, even Walsh.
                              I lost e v e r y o n e.

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'Once Upon A Time': Colin O'Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison Preview Hook & Emma's Date Night 

Emma Swan and Hook are going on a date in this Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time,” and the reformed pirate is sprucing up his look for the big night.

During a visit to the “OUAT” set this week, Colin O’Donoghue revealed that he’s got not only new duds for the episode, but something else.

"He has…

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You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.

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Ladies of Once Upon A Time

A belated happy birthday to captain-the-swan

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The Bro Nod

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"Whatever we become, it’s up to her as much as me."

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Everyone knows the date won’t go perfect, but let’s pretend that it’s totally fine that it doesn’t? Or you could just say that I don’t know what my brain is doing, but I’m 99% sure I’m not responsible.


She finds him sitting on the dock and staring out into the horizon where there is still some light leaking over the skyline, the sun gone but leaving a bit of it’s glow just above where the ocean disappears into the sky. It’s quiet, finally, for now, and from where Emma stands, Killian looks exhausted, his shoulders sagging as sits on the old bench facing the sea. 

(Sometimes she wonders if he misses his ship and feels guilty that he has to stare at an empty spot in the harbor where it used to sit.

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there when I feel alone

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I’m expecting to find lots of fics for bedtime tonight

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time to get a new perfect gif to a crazy number!

30k by next Sunday?





time to get a new perfect gif to a crazy number!

30k by next Sunday?


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Take a step back. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes, you see things you wouldn’t notice if you were up close when all you’re looking at are the details.

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4x04 promo still


4x04 promo still

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