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"Dreams come slow and they go so fast."

Elisa. Italian. 18. Aspiring Jedi.

NCIS is the love of my life, the center of my existence. Tony and Ziva are my OTP, my babies and the reason why I still believe in true love.
I run a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation blog and live a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation life.

Shows I watch
NCIS || Person of Interest || How I Met Your Mother || Once Upon A Time || Castle || Fringe || Alias || Numb3rs || House || Chuck || Elementary || Alcatraz.

Ships I ship
Tony & Ziva || Michael & Sydney || Charming & Snow || Barney & Robin || Castle & Beckett || Charlie & Amita || Peter & Olivia || Morgan & Alex || Sherlock & Joan || Harold & Grace || Peeta & Katniss || Hook & Emma || Tris & Tobias || Robin & Regina.

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There should be more notes. Forever reblog. 

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"Tony, I do not need to go camping.
I know what you’re doing, and I..I’m fine.”

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Nothing is awkward between friends.

NCIS 10x24 Dammed If You Do

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come on, you should get some sleep too.

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"You know how some people just look like they belong together?"

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Favourite Tiva Season Ten Promo Stills
                 10x02 - 10x13

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// 10x08 “Gone”



// 10x08 “Gone”

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do you ever just howl my babies my babies over and over again at your computer screen

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Tony/Ziva 10x06

Lol I just love this.

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#i can so imagine tony standing there waiting for ziva to get ready so they can go to work #like he casually standing there drinking coffee #when she comes out of the bedroom and he’s momentarily stunned by how beautiful she looks #even in her work clothes

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Tony & Ziva : 10.09 aka “How to do in sync in 5 minutes or less”

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Tony&Ziva | Beneath Your Beautiful

Tony&Ziva | Beneath Your Beautiful

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@PauleyP: Me @BrianDietzen Cote and @M_Weatherly at @ChildrensLA hospital. Lotsa love here!

@PauleyP: Me @BrianDietzen Cote and @M_Weatherly at @ChildrensLA hospital. Lotsa love here!

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