There isn't enough Tiva to feed my heart

"Dreams come slow and they go so fast."

Elisa. Italian. 18. Aspiring Jedi.

NCIS is the love of my life, the center of my existence. Tony and Ziva are my OTP, my babies and the reason why I still believe in true love.
I run a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation blog and live a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation life.

Shows I watch
NCIS || Person of Interest || How I Met Your Mother || Once Upon A Time || Castle || Fringe || Alias || Numb3rs || House || Chuck || Elementary || Alcatraz.

Ships I ship
Tony & Ziva || Michael & Sydney || Charming & Snow || Barney & Robin || Castle & Beckett || Charlie & Amita || Peter & Olivia || Morgan & Alex || Sherlock & Joan || Harold & Grace || Peeta & Katniss || Hook & Emma || Tris & Tobias.

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NCIS: Who survived the explosion?

By finale’s end, it looked as though everyone’s lives were in danger after a bomb detonated at NCIS headquarters — even Ducky’s (David McCallum), and he was a thousand miles away on a beach in Florida! What gives? “I’m not gonna massage it,” says exec…

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