no man is an island

"I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart,
and kind, and honest."

Elisa. Italian. 19. Aspiring Jedi.

Shows I watch
NCIS, Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Orphan Black, True Detective, Fargo, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Fringe, Alias, Numb3rs, House, Chuck, Elementary, Alcatraz.

Ships I ship
Tony & Ziva, Michael & Sydney, Hook & Emma, Tris & Tobias, Robin & Regina, Charming & Snow, Barney & Robin, Castle & Beckett, Charlie & Amita, Peter & Olivia, Morgan & Alex, Sherlock & Joan, Harold & Grace, Peeta & Katniss.

>> Personal Favorites <<
A list of my favorite books, movies, directors, shows, couples, fictional characters, actors and actresses.

You can find me here:
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In A Heartbeat: From 

NCIS: Who survived the explosion?

By finale’s end, it looked as though everyone’s lives were in danger after a bomb detonated at NCIS headquarters — even Ducky’s (David McCallum), and he was a thousand miles away on a beach in Florida! What gives? “I’m not gonna massage it,” says exec…

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