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Elisa. Italian. 18. Aspiring Jedi.

NCIS is the love of my life, the center of my existence. Tony and Ziva are my OTP, my babies and the reason why I still believe in true love.
I run a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation blog and live a Tony DiNozzo / Michael Weatherly appreciation life.

Shows I watch
NCIS || Person of Interest || How I Met Your Mother || Once Upon A Time || Castle || Fringe || Alias || Numb3rs || House || Chuck || Elementary || Alcatraz.

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Tony & Ziva || Michael & Sydney || Charming & Snow || Barney & Robin || Castle & Beckett || Charlie & Amita || Peter & Olivia || Morgan & Alex || Sherlock & Joan || Harold & Grace || Peeta & Katniss || Hook & Emma || Tris & Tobias.

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 Top 25 ships (cancelled shows) ↦ 18. Sydney&Vaughn (Alias)

We’ll find each other. We always find each other.’

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[Alias] Michael & Sydney || DNA (for Mathilde)

This is my first Michael/Sydney video ever and I want to dedicate this to Mathilde who’s the best friend one could wish to have :3 also, she loves Alias like I do, which is great! I hope you’ll like it :)

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My brother. I have some good news. You have a baby daughter.

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Marshall: Oh. Uh, since when can you tell Mr. Bristow something you can’t tell me?
Vaughn: This is something I need to ask Jack. If you were Sydney’s father, I could ask you, but you’re not.
Marshall: No, I’m not. I still don’t understand what me not being Sydney’s father has to do with you… 

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Multicouple - When it all goes away

Michael/Sydney, Castle/Beckett, Peter/Olivia, Tony/Ziva 

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‘I was so in love with you, it nearly killed me’

Favorite couples // Sydney Bristow & Michael Vaughn

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You used me. You used my grief, my work, who I am. You took that from me… I’m taking it back. I hate you. But I love Sydney more. That’s the only reason you’re not dying tonight.

The Ultimate Favorite Characters List;

    ∟ Michael Vaughn (Alias)

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If you’re doing what I think you’re doing, I’m in. If you need me.

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all the otps i’ve shipped | Sydney & Vaughn

“We’ll find each other, we always do.”

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“I love my drawer.”

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